Loyalty Is Of No Value, Apparently

This morning someone tweeted that they were giving a prize of a fine art print for the person who became their 1,000th follower.  This kind of thing — a free dinner for the 10,000th follower of a restaurant, etc etc — has become extraordinarily common; and not just online.  Our local competing cable/broadband companies offer free computers to those who switch from one to the other.

None of these people or companies offer prizes for, say, the longest-lasting follower or client. Loyalty goes completely unrecognized and only novelty in the form of new sales is rewarded.

This is teaching our new generation that loyalty is of no value, that more profit can be had by flitting from one thing to another rather than by developing a long term relationship.  How can this be good for society in general?


[image by Jaguaro]


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