Waazubee Is Gone

November 3, 2010

I was walking along the Drive today and was saddened to see that the Waazubee Cafe has closed.

Ten years ago, we held our wedding reception there; and before that, since it opened, I had been a fixture near the front, writing hundreds of thousands of words in long hand and drinking way too much of their house red wine.  However, we haven’t been there very often over the last few years and no doubt that — along with similar withdrawals by others — helped contribute to its closure.  For us, the main problem was that we moved from Graveley Street, just a block from Waazubee, to the north end of the Drive where other restaurants were more convenient.  The lack of a real patio, and the constant trucks servicing Triple A Produce, didn’t help either.

Still, I am sad to see it disappear along with some great memories.