Two Windows

October 31, 2010

Two Windows” in Nelson, BC

Western Lake Dim Sum

October 31, 2010

The friends that we usually go to dim sim with have been away for a few weeks, so it was especially good to go out with them this morning.  With the Pink Pearl now seemingly lost forever, we are on a mission to find our next favourite dim sum place.  Our landlord, Chinese, strongly recommended Western Lake on Victoria at 34th, and so off we went.

It is an unprepossesing building, and not very large inside. But even as we got there, a whole gaggle of people were already crowding the tiny front door, either waiting their turn to collect a number from the desk or eagerly expecting to hear their number.  We waited about half an hour — not like us really to be that patient — but we were well rewarded.

The Western Lake is too small for roving carts of food and so they use a menu ticket system, which is easy enough so long as you have a pretty good idea what it is you want.  We didn’t notice anything special to the house on the menu but all the regular items were there and we had shu-mi, har-gao, squid, char sui bau, gai lan and a couple of other plates.  Each was wonderful, and the individual portions were noticeably larger than many of the other places we’ve tried. The tea was great, the service was excellent, and what with all the catching up with each others’ lives, we had a fine old time there.  $33 for four very satisfied appetites.  Hard to beat.

Apart from us four, there were virtually no Caucasians in the place.  It was packed with Chinese; always a good sign! As we were leaving, some of the people who had arrived just after us were only just being seated, but everyone seemed happy enough.  They do take reservations and I would recommend that  for the future.  We will certainly be going back pretty soon, I am sure of that.