Not Just The Accent

The differences between the US and the UK are not only in the language(s) that they speak; there are significant differences in politics and political style too (regardless of how much Yanqui Tony Blair tried to blur them).

For example, the UK has a leftish Labour Party — not something that most Americans would consider mainstream — that has as good a shot at government as any other party at the next election, and better than most.

For another, and perhaps even more telling, example, the new leader of the Labour Party is an atheist Jew living out of wedlock with his partner and their child.

As one constituent wrote: “We don’t vote on stuff like that any more … [W]e’re past all that now, aren’t we? We care about policies, not religion or lifestyle choices. We might even appreciate his honesty.”  Another opined that it was “far better for a politician to be honest and up-front than pay lip service to a faith you don’t have”.

In American politics where it is now virtually ALL lifestyle and religion it is inconceivable that a man like Ed Milibrand could possibly rise to the top. In fact, it is unlikely he could even get a job stuffing envelopes in a precinct office of either party. The Americans are the losers in that comparison I am certain.

2 Responses to Not Just The Accent

  1. B Mann says:

    In Australia, we just did the triple-whammy. We elected as Prime Minister a) an atheist b) unmarried, with a live-in partner c) a woman.
    Anyone like to predict when (which decade…or century!!) this could happen in the U.S.?

  2. jakking says:

    I won’t be around so long, I am sure.

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