Going Round The Bend

September 28, 2010

I love escalators; they are a fine form of transportation. And here, at last, is the first escalator that can go around any curves required by the architect.

What a neat development!

Showing What’s Really Important?

September 28, 2010

I shouldn’t have been surprised that teams of Toronto police officers were spending “12 hour days” going through 40,000 still images and “countless” hours of video coverage of the protests against the G20 meeting earlier this year.  They sure seem to think that catching and prosecuting a handful of property-damaging “anarchists” is worth the person-hours and the overtime.

I guess this really stuck out for me in the world of news headlines because it came on the same day that the BC Government appointed Wally Oppal as Commissioner to study and report on the policing by both VPD and the RCMP during the Pickton serial killings of more than thirty women in Vancouver.   Senior police officers at the VPD have already admitted that the standards of their work for several years allowed Pickton to murder at least a dozen women beyond when he should have been caught. The RCMP won’t admit anything but we all know they screwed up too.

The contrast between the lack of action given to the deaths of dozens of female sex-workers and the vast resources being thrown at window-smashing anti-capitalists is stark and surely indicative of a skewed and failed set of priorities both within police forces themselves and in the corporatist elites that manage them.

Pathway In Fall

September 28, 2010

It’s quickly getting to be that time of year once again when “Pathway In Fall” or something similar is a common sight.