Still Death

September 26, 2010

Still Death” on a Chinatown market stall

Word On The Street

September 26, 2010

Word On The Street (WOTS), the “national” day of literacy celebrating Canadian books and magazines, is the kind of small “neighbourhood” event that Vancouver can do so well.   Today, as for many years past, the festival took place in and around our glorious main library.  This year, though still small scale, it seemed bigger somehow.  It circles the library almost all the way round with tents and stages, and also has booths and spaces inside the library concourse and downstairs.  We got there about noon and it was busy, almost crowded.  This image is some of the audience at the main stage area on Robson Street.

WOTS was also tied into the announcement of Douglas Adam’s “Hitch Hikers Guide To the Galaxy” as the One Book One Vancouver winner.  Once the news was made public, an assortment of “Hitch Hiker” character actors mixed with the crowd, handing out “Don’t Panic!” hand towels.

The weather was just perfect for the kind of strolling that WOTS provides.  And once you’ve finished with WOTS at Library Square, you are just another short stroll to your favourite bar/eatery in Yaletown.