Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown Disappoints

September 21, 2010

Jerry Brown, who was Governor of California when Linda Ronstadt was young, ran for President twice, and has been a very successful Attorney General since 2004, is in a tight race for Governor against Republican nominee Meg Whitman. It must be a really close race because, despite his lifetime’s public commitment against capital punishment, he is now willing to actively encourage the State to start executing people once again.

As the New York Times reminds us:

Brown was a vocal opponent of the death penalty when he served as governor in the 1970s and ’80s, once suggesting that banning capital punishment would elevate society to a ”higher state of consciousness.”  He vetoed the death penalty in 1977, and his chief justice appointee was removed from the bench in the 1980s for her constant overturning of death penalty convictions.

Whoever said that politics had anything to do with principles was an idiot.  This is VERY disappointing.

Would The Founders Approve?

September 21, 2010

Just how screwed up the US system of government is was startlingly displayed today when the Democrats had a majority of 56 to 43 in the Senate to push through the Military Appropriations bill (with amendments) and yet the legislation stalls because they need 60 votes to stop the Republicans from filibustering.  What a joke against democracy!

My wife’s immediate reaction was that all the soldiers should immediately come home from both Iraq and Afghanistan because, while supposedly fighting and dying for “democracy” overseas, they don’t have it back home.  It is hard to disagree.

It is equally hard to imagine that the Founding Fathers would have countenanced such a situation.  If they didn’t want simple majority rule, surely they would have said so.  The hypocrisy of the strict constructionists is vivid.

But this also shows yet again the failure of the leadership of the Democrats themselves.  They should use their majority to change the rules or, a least, they should have allowed the filibuster to happen; perhaps some of the older Republicans would simply drop dead in their seats as they tried to keep debate going (we can but hope, eh?)

So, because of the obstructionist Republicans and the wishy-washy Democrats — and a mealy-mouthed President on this issue — good gay soldiers will continue to be cashiered and removed from their positions.  I doubt we can expect the Republicans and their Mad Hatter twins to finally admit publicly that the fight against homosexuality is more important than the fight against terrorism.