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August 28, 2010


Reason #197 for Not Using Facebook

August 28, 2010

Or, at least be careful who you accept as a “friend” according to this piece from Discovery News:

A man was recently sentenced to federal prison for allegedly violating the terms of his probation, including “associating” with an environmental activist from whom he accepted a “Friend request” on Facebook. Rod Coronado, an animal rights and environmental activist, was contacted by Mike Roselle, who co-founded the group Earth First!, and is a former director for Greenpeace U.S.A. Coronado accepted the friend request, and it cost him four months in prison.

On July 14, Probation Officer Rhonda J. Wallock claimed that Coronado, convicted of conspiracy in 2006, violated the conditions of his probation: “In monitoring Mr. Coronado’s Facebook account, this officer found Michael Roselle to be a ‘friend’ of Mr. Coronado. According to FBI intelligence and a criminal history investigation of Michael Roselle, he is a well-known environmental activist who has a history of condoning direct action and violence as a means of protest or demonstration.” Based upon Wallock’s report, U.S. District Judge Paul Maloney sentenced Coronado to four months in prison for this violation on August 3.

I guess that even I have some trouble blaming FB for this particular piece of US judicial stupidity.