Dim Sum and Some Junk

August 21, 2010

It was our friend Dave’s birthday today and we celebrated by going to dim sum.  We returned to Szechuan Chonqing and it was just as good the second time even though they didn’t have the wonderful little ribs today.

When we drove back to the Drive, I mentioned that Mintage, a vintage clothing store in the 1700-block, was having a back-alley sale today, with everything priced between $1 and $5, so we took a look.  Well, it was if Value Village had been evicted from their premises and needed to sell clothing on the street.

Or it was if some of the street sellers in the Downtown Eastside had expanded their stock and taken over the entire sidewalk.  There were quite a few people picking through the piles but I was not impressed.  Lawn sales are one thing, but this was just junky.

Red Blue Yellow

August 21, 2010