A Bed, A Bed, My Savings For A Bed!

Once in a while I troll around sites such as Luxist just to see what the richest 0.5% of North America is doing. And I occasionally report here on ultra-expensive cars and houses and such. Well, today it is a bed that caught my eye:

It is being marketed quite deliberately as “the most expensive bed in the world” and they are not kidding. The price starts at $38,000 and, with all options tops out at $210,000. For a bed!

Made of Ebony, Sapele and Curly Maple the main attraction is the sunburst patterned circular headboard created by cutting 78 delicate wooden wedges and placing them so they come to a perfect point in the center. The bed also features gold and stainless steel detailing and is gadget-ready with built-in iPad holders and charging stations, touch-sensitive LED backlighting and nightstand lights, pop-up TV and computer screens that swivel.

You can never be too rich or too stupid, I guess.

2 Responses to A Bed, A Bed, My Savings For A Bed!

  1. Salman Qureshi says:

    Hi I am Salman Qureshi from Pakistan and I like it and make a over bedroom set

  2. Bensou camara says:

    I really love woods things but I’m in Liberia actually, I love it

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