Chinatown Night Market

August 20, 2010

We visited the Chinatown Night Market on Keefer Street tonight for the first time in a number of years. It was a huge disappointment. As I recall it from before, the Market stretched the two blocks on Keefer from Gore down to Columbia, with a break for Main Street. Tonight the entire action was on the single block from Columbia to Main, and the booths were not squashed together either. I guess the night market in Richmond has drawn away some traffic, but still we were surprised.

It looks fairly busy, but in all honesty it wasn’t. Probably half the stalls were food vendors, and not all of them were Chinese. There was the potato tornado, for example:

The bra stall was still there, as were the cheap jewelry stands. And I did find some pretty Chinese umbrellas, but there was not much else.

The Keefer block between Main and Gore was dead at 7:00pm. Very sad as it used to be so lively on Market nights. We couldn’t even buy custard tarts because the bakeries were already closed. I read that Hon’s Restaurants, the main branch of which is in that block, is in serious difficulties and I can imagine that to be so. In the old days, the Market must have brought them a lot of business. But not now. It was all rather sad.

A Bed, A Bed, My Savings For A Bed!

August 20, 2010

Once in a while I troll around sites such as Luxist just to see what the richest 0.5% of North America is doing. And I occasionally report here on ultra-expensive cars and houses and such. Well, today it is a bed that caught my eye:

It is being marketed quite deliberately as “the most expensive bed in the world” and they are not kidding. The price starts at $38,000 and, with all options tops out at $210,000. For a bed!

Made of Ebony, Sapele and Curly Maple the main attraction is the sunburst patterned circular headboard created by cutting 78 delicate wooden wedges and placing them so they come to a perfect point in the center. The bed also features gold and stainless steel detailing and is gadget-ready with built-in iPad holders and charging stations, touch-sensitive LED backlighting and nightstand lights, pop-up TV and computer screens that swivel.

You can never be too rich or too stupid, I guess.