Transportation In The Lower Mainland

August 31, 2010

I can’t think of the last time I used a blog post simply to point to another blog, but if you have any interest in transportation policy that affects Vancouver and the Lower Mainland, it is impossible to miss Stephen Ree’s blog.  I don’t always agree with everything written, of course, but everything that is written is composed carefully and with a keen understanding of the issues involved.  Don’t miss it!


And The Trees Danced

August 31, 2010

And The Trees Danced

It Walks The Walk and Talks The Talk

August 31, 2010

So-called wearable computing has generally been contained within university labs, but now it is stepping smartly to the front of the cat walk.  London-based fashion company CuteCircuit has launched a little black dress that is also a mobile phone.

The garment, branded the M-Dress, lets wearers make and receive calls by slipping their sim card under the label, allowing them to keep their usual numbers.  Gesture recognition software allows users to pick up a call by raising their hand to their ear and end a conversation by letting it fall to their side.  The M-Dress, designed by the London-based fashion company CuteCircuit, will ring when an incoming call is received and different ringtones can be assigned to different numbers …

The dress is described as being made of “a dark, richly textured, form-fitting silk jersey” and will be released in 2011. Its price remains undisclosed. The antenna, described as “super-tiny”, is stitched into the bottom hem of the dress, which rests at about knee-height, to reduce the amount of radiation that the wearer is exposed to.

A message on the CuteCircuit website said: “Very often phone calls are missed because mobile phones are quite awkward to carry, especially for women, that have garments with small or no pockets. “To allow women to stay connected while remaining stylish, CuteCircuit designed the M- Dress. A mobile phone in its own right but built out of soft circuitry.”

In the old days it was only spies and FBI agents who talked into their wrists.  Now, anyone can do it — at least if you have the fashion sense to wear a little black dress, that is.

From The Independent in London.


August 30, 2010

Bannisters” at Fort Langley Park

Just Another Disappointment

August 29, 2010

The Obama Administration, along with the utterly failed Democratic leadership of the US Congress, has been one major disappointment after another:  the continued hypocrisy of Guantanamo, the continuation and indeed extension of the Bush-Cheney secrecy and surveillance laws, the ethical shortcomings of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, along with Obama’s medieval attitude to gender-neutral marriage, and the refusal to tame Wall Street.

The latest failure is Obama’s decision to actively increase American arms sales to an already arms-glutted world. The spin is that this will somehow help “arms control experts” to more easily monitor sales of major weapons.  But the simple truth is that this has everything to do with the

frustration felt by U.S. defense and high-tech companies, who say export controls that date to the Cold War cost them billions of dollars in lost sales … “Generally speaking, we’re very happy about this,” said Bill Reinsch, president of the National Foreign Trade Council, whose member companies include Boeing, General Electric and United Technologies.

We hoped that “Yes We Can” meant we could change the world. What it has come to mean is that the old military-industrial-media complex is as free to screw the world under a Democratic regime as it is under a Republican one.  Goddam shame.

Urban Daffodils

August 29, 2010

Urban Daffodils” at the foot of an inner-city skyscraper.

Reduced Visibility

August 28, 2010