The Hubris of Actors

July 25, 2010

Earlier today on Twitter, Ice-T and some others were bitching about being hassled by police for minor offences, mostly auto-related. Ice-T wrote:

“We interrupt this program with a special bulletin: America is now under martial law. All constitutional rights have been suspended!”

I tweeted him that if — and I emphasized “if” — the cops were following the law then it wasn’t the cops he should be complaining about but rather the politicians who made the bad laws. He wrote back, I kid you not:

“From playing a Cop on SVU for 10 years I understand the difference between a real CRIME and just fucking with someone because you can….”

Well, I sure hope he looks to Hugh Laurie to do his next brain surgery because although he’s not a doctor he does play one on TV, and that should be enough, right?

Water Lily No.2

July 25, 2010

A water lily in downtown Vancouver [better resolution here]