Black Is Black

July 24, 2010

Conrad Black — or as he still prefers, no doubt, Baron Black of Crossharbour — wants to come back to Canada. A convicted crook and one of the most egregious of the conspicuous consumers of the last twenty years, Black has no right to come to this country and the government needs to have the balls to turn him away.

Black gave up his Canadian citizenship not, as David (author of “axis of evil”) Frum would have it, because Black wanted to make a political statement against the Chretien government of the day, but because he wanted to prance around as an ermined lord, literally lording it over the rest of us plebs.

And he doesn’t deserve to come back because he is some sort of magnificent Dickensian character as Rex Murphy argues, or just because the US justice system sucks.

And he doesn’t need to come back to Toronto because the weather there is somehow better for his Lady, Barbara Amiel, as he has claimed.  He, and she, are citizens of Great Britain where the weather is surely temperate enough to satisfy her.

Let the Brits have him; after all, they were happy enough to ennoble him.


July 24, 2010

In remembrance of summers in Hawai’i.

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