Confirmation That The Vatican Is Run By Abusive Idiots

July 15, 2010

In an attempt to calm the maelstrom of criticism that has almost sunk the Catholic Church over the past decade due to its enabling of priests who sexually abuse both boys and girls, the Vatican has issued new rules for how such cases should be handled. The new rules themselves are a major disappointment — for example, bishops still do not have to report cases of known abuse to civil authorities — but that is the least of it.

For some bizarre reason, the Vatican thought to use the issuance of these new regulations to formally state that pedophilia and the ordination of women are crimes of equal value in their eyes. The new document says that a priest who tries to ordain a woman will be defrocked.

The Vatican has for hundreds of years been run, generally, by greedy power-hungry men, and the ex-Hitler Youth Benedict is clearly as bad as any before. The Catholic Church is in turn enabled in its abuse by nation states that allow the Church to run rough-shod over the hard-fought human rights — including gender equality and the duty of reporting known criminal behaviour — that govern all other aspects of our lives in civilized countries.

This disaster of leadership is so sad for all the ordinary Catholics, male and female, who go about their lives in faith and duty.

What Next?

July 15, 2010

Just a few weeks after finishing the draft of my book and sending off the submission, I can say that the exertion of waiting to hear back is already harder than the effort of research and writing!

In the meanwhile, I’ve read a whole bunch of books — mainly by Anosh Irani and Laurence Gough, two very different Vancouver authors — watched a lot of sports (cricket, Le Tour and sumo) and cooked a number of (immodestly) fabulous meals. Each of these activities is a decent time filler, but none is as satisfying as finding out something new and pounding on the keyboard to explain it.

Retirement, or whatever this period is that I’m now in, certainly gives me the space to develop material (and I could not have completed the research on Commercial Drive without the free time). But it also reduces the urgency of getting things done over a weekend, say, or in the few hours available in the evening after a days’ work. Learning and applying self-discipline within a completely open schedule can be a tough slog!

But what to work on? I have an enormous amount of unused research from the Commercial Drive book and I had assumed I would work that up into something different; we’ll see. Perhaps I’ll try to build on some of the unfinished novels and short stories I have stashed away over the years. Maybe I should start by writing more blog posts. Hmmm, now there’s an idea worth pursuing.