That Was The World Cup

July 12, 2010

Regular readers of this blog will know that my usual hangout on Commercial Drive is Fet’s Bar & Grill run by the fabulous Alura & Eric and, these days, their sons.  Great place generally — best burgers and ultra-thin pizzas in Vancouver — and when a big soccer or hockey event takes place it is the place to be on the Drive.

For the World Cup Final yesterday morning and afternoon Eric put on a great show with extra TVs set up and I was able to arrange the best seats in the house for seven friends, all but one of whom were new to the place.  The restaurant was packed, of course, with a good mix of Spanish and Dutch supporters. The inevitable vuvuzelas were prominent — including on our table –, but the cheering and the chanting were even louder!  And the booze that flowed!  Boy, I had forgotten just how much my friends could drink!  When Spain finally scored the goal in the final minute of extra time, the whole place exploded. I shrieked and shouted along with the best of them and almost lost my voice as a result.

The Drive simply closed down as everyone poured out onto the street, conga lines forming!

Near the end of the game, Eric at Fets arranged a free raffle draw for team shirts and my good friend Bob won the Spanish colours.  Bob already has a vast collection of sports memorabilia and I thought it appropriate that he should win.  However, in the grand spirit of the day he immediately gave the shirt to a young girl at a neighbouring table of Spanish supporters as she was the only one in her group who wasn’t already wearing the uniform.  Great gesture from a really great guy to top off a wonderful day.

Red Tulips No.2

July 12, 2010

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