Creativity As Important As Literacy

June 15, 2010

Make a cup of tea, relax and watch this brilliant and very funny 20 minute talk by educator Sir Kenneth Robinson in which he makes the case that creativity is as important as literacy to a useful education, and that modern schooling stifles this potential.

This is from TED 2006 and was posted on Twitter today.  I wish I had seen it four years ago, but I am glad to have caught up now.


A Joy

June 15, 2010

One of the true joys of breadmaking is simply the feel of the dough in your hands as you knead it. This morning I am making a sourdough loaf from a culture I started a few days ago.  I made the “sponge” last evening and let it sit overnight.  That allowed me to make the starter this morning which in turn meant I got to begin my day with hands in the dough.  Almost nothing finer!