Important News

… and while I’m up and about and looking around, I’m glad to see that the world is still full of important — neh, vital — news.  Such as Subway changing the way they put cheese on their sandwiches!

I’ll be watching them closely next time I get a 6″ Italian BMT with extra cheese.  And I’m also glad to have found out that Charlie Sheen’s jail time for domestic violence will not affect the schedule of “Two and a Half Men“.  I mean, really: Now I can sleep nights without worrying about that.

And Big Al and Tipper Gore splitting up!  What a shocker.

Sheesh!  If the news is always this busy, I just don’t know that I can keep up.  Thanks to Consumerist for the Subway piece, Deadline for Charlie Sheen, NYT for all the Gore that’s fit to print.


One Response to Important News

  1. Kathryn says:

    Finally… news that doesn’t scare me to the core of my being.

    I say phooey on them. I know they’ve taken a lot of grief for how they place the cheese, but I always rather liked the variation in the bites and I’m sorry they caved. Weenies.

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