Stairway To Heaven

June 30, 2010

Sometimes you just have to look up.

Offline, At Last

June 29, 2010

We had a great lunch at Fet’s today, amid crowds of Spanish and Portuguese soccer fans, meeting with some folks we have known for many years on-line but have not previously met. One lives near here and the others were on a drive from Wisconsin.

I live on-line a lot quite happily, but occasions such as today show the real value of meatspace, It was fun and warm and very human. Good stuff!

Peaceful Morning

June 29, 2010

Let’s hope it stays that way! [click on image for better view]

12,000 Days

June 28, 2010

12,000 days ago, Elvis Presley had been dead four days and Groucho Marx for one; Jimmy Carter was into the eighth month of his presidency and serial killer Son of Sam had just been captured. On that day, August 20 1977, Voyager 2 was launched into space. This morning, 12,000 days later, she is almost 13 light-minutes away from earth, still heading out beyond the Solar System, and still sending us valuable data every day.

Voyager 2 was built in 1976-1977 with tools that we would consider archaic today, and yet these days we have trouble keeping a toaster alive for more than six months!

Rose With Rain

June 28, 2010

It is raining lightly this morning, so this seemed appropriate. [as usual, click on image for a better view]

Sometimes, Beauty Is Enough

June 27, 2010

Yellow bird at the Vancouver Aquarium.

At some point I hope WordPress improves the ability of the system to display images.  In all cases right now a better version of the image is available at the hyperlink or by clicking on the image.

The French Really Know …

June 26, 2010

… how to advertise orange juice!