Odds and Ends

May 20, 2010

The early years of yoga in the US were replete with “scandal, financial shenanigans, bodily discipline, oversize egos and bizarre love triangles, with a few performing elephants thrown in for good measure.”  So says a new book on yoga pioneer Pierre Bernard—known as the “Great Oom” — as reviewed at the Wall Street Journal.  Times were different in Bernard’s day but his promotion helped yoga get to the position where it “flourishes even in the Great Oom’s home state of Iowa, and the yoga industrial complex has broadened to include magazines, books, clothing and celebrity followers.”

The wonderful Information is Beautiful site has another great winner — the meaning of different colours in different cultures. Evil, oddly enough, is black everywhere, it seems.

$600 million Robbery in Paris

May 20, 2010

Apparently a thief has stolen five paintings worth more than half a billion dollars from the Museum of Modern Art in Paris!    Closed-circuit TV shows someone climbing into a window, but the alarms did not go off.  Incredible!

Works stolen include Picasso’s “Pigeon with peas”:

“Pastorale” by Henri Matisse:

Still Life with Chandelier by Fernand Leger:

Update: Media are now reporting the value at $100 million.  Either way, it is a heck of a haul!