The English Breakfast Is Changing

When we were in England last summer, I managed to eat my fill of all kinds of the “full” English breakfast.  Most of them were pretty darned good, and usually the cheaper the better.   But England is changing and breakfast is changing with it.   The Times Online has a wonderfully detailed piece on it.

I had the MegaBreakfast mentioned in the article.  It was bearable, I guess.  But we do it much better here at home, especially when we have black pudding — and, yes, we often have baked beans.

One Response to The English Breakfast Is Changing

  1. My experience 25 years ago was that traditional English breakfasts were horrid: the concept (sausage and eggs with toast, etc.) was sound, but the sausages/meat were consistently gristly, the eggs runny or dry, and the bread often burnt or stale.

    If things have changed, I say good riddance. And kudos that chicken tikka masala was invented in Scotland.

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