Diabetics On The Futures Market

I’m a diabetic.  And I could be worth more than $12,000 a year to you.  If you are an Australian doctor, that is.   According to ABC News, the Australian Federal government has decided to put more than $400 million into treating diabetes because,

“In 2007-08, around 237,000 hospital admissions were related to complications from diabetes that could have been avoided through better management,” said Prime Minister Kevin Rudd.  “This is 32 per cent of all avoidable hospital admissions.”

The way they have decided to deal with this is to pay doctors $1,200 a year for every diabetic they treat, with an extra $10,800 a year to be given to the practice if their patients’ health improves.  Diabetes Australia acting chief executive Professor Greg Johnson endorses the plan.

“For people who’ve got diabetes we need to focus on good management of their conditions so we prevent the avoidable complications,” he said. “It will save money in the long term. It’ll save hospital beds … People with diabetes are frequent flyers in our hospital system.”

If we could persuade more governments to follow this plan, then we, as diabetics, could become a valued commodity, courted by specialists from around the globe seeking our names on their lists for government handouts.  Maybe there’s a new career beckoning — professional patient.


One Response to Diabetics On The Futures Market

  1. Kathryn says:

    Hi, Jak. Have them send me a cheque.

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