Being Prepared

January 29, 2010

It occurred to me that I could wake up one morning to find myself in the position of being the despotic leader of Canada.  And in the event of that eventuality, I thought I should have a political plan ready, in my back pocket as it were, that I could just whip out, unfold and start reading as soon as the cameras started rolling.  That way there would be no awkward silences as I got my thoughts straight.

Moreover, I decided, I should only talk about those things that I could do immediately, that very day.  That way I would never have to backtrack on my campaign promises, and everyone would see that I mean what I say.  So, without more ado, here is my practical program for the first day of the despotism:

  1. No more of this summer time/winter time nonsense.  No more of remembering to turn the clocks forward and back.  As of today, there is only standard time.
  2. ALL sellers of goods and services MUST show the bottom-line price for any good or service;  a bottom-line price includes all charges, taxes, fees, etc etc.  If the sign says $11.95 you actually pay $11.95.   No exceptions, no excuses.
  3. All fines, penalties and awards against corporations or other organizations are paid, first by the directors and senior officers of the company or organization, and only second, if required, by the shareholders.  Accountability rules.  No pay backs, no exceptions, no excuses.

That’ll be it for the first day.