The Good Old Thanksgiving Days

In 1936, Camel cigarettes issued the following ad for Thanksgiving:

I hope you can read it.  Smoking between courses is the healthy thing to do it declares.  “Smoke a camel right after the soup,” it says. “For digestion’s sake … You enjoy food more and have a feeling of greater ease after eating when you smoke Camels between courses.”

Ah, those good old days!

I started smoking early and was already a confirmed smoker by the time I started to attend dinners with my father’s American businessmen friends.  However, it was still a shock to me back then (perhaps 1966) when they lit up cigarettes between courses.  I remember then doing it with my friends and explaining that it was just the chic thing to do.  Such dupes we all were!

4 Responses to The Good Old Thanksgiving Days

  1. eepy says:

    Camels… that was my poison of choice for more years than I care to count! I’d make do with whatever I could find if I couldn’t get Camels, but I remember rainy nights driving to three, four stores trying to find Yankeee cigs in Port Coquitlam. Shudder!

    Anybody want to buy a Joe Camel watch?

  2. Jan says:

    Love this. Am printing it off now to pass along to my still smoking mother!

  3. jakking says:

    Are you sure this won’t encourage her? :-)

  4. The Little Woman says:

    Please be aware…without Camel cigarettes we would not have “Still Life With A Woodpecker”.

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