Happy Birthday To My Blog!

September 23, 2009

Today is the 8th anniversary of my blogging career.

On 23rd September, 2001, I was looking for an outlet to express my continued frustration with US foreign policy, to express some of my anarchist ideas, and to write/think about cultural and scientific advances.  The attacks on New York and Washington two weeks before had led immediately to an obvious boost for the neo-con adventurists and imperialists in Bush’s administration, and I needed somewhere to shout out my frustrations.

That early blog still exists at jaksblog.blogspot.com, though all the images and formatting are gone.   In 2004, a second version of Jak’s View began at http://jakking.typepad.com.  This was just a technology change, the content stayed much the same.  By February 2008, I was bored with the negativism and personal attacks that are inevitable for a political blog.  I’m happy to admit that the bullies beat me.   Good luck to them.

So, I changed platforms again, called the blog “v. 3” and decided to leave politics and current affairs alone.  I determined to concentrate on art and food and cultural signs; and I’ve pretty much stuck to that.  For whatever reasons, I seem to have gathered a small but regular crowd of readers, and Google treats me well with referrals.   Moreover, I am enjoying myself much more now than when I was dirtying my hands regularly with political mud.

I hope that those of you reading this continue to find Jak’s View of interest.  Thank you!

PS: I wrote this in advance, some time ago, before I stopped blogging. I’ll get back to it, I promise!