New Store

August 3, 2009

After experimenting with Etsy as a store for my artworks, I have decided to move on. I have selected RedBubble, and my store is here.

The great advantage of RedBubble is that they allow me to offer a significantly wider range of products, from postcards to posters, at a range of prices. They take care of the printing and the shipping.

Please give the store a look. I have quite a few items already posted and I am preparing a lot more.

The Girls’ Day Out

August 1, 2009

Tomorrow, in the blistering heat of this extraordinary Vancouver summer, hundreds of thousands of folks will line the downtown streets to see the boys of Davie Street strut their stuff in the annual Gay Pride Parade.  Today, as they do every year the day before, a few hundred people enjoyed themselves as the Eastside girls came out to play in the Dykes on the Drive March.

Happy marchers

The march seemed bigger this year, much bigger than last year (I note that I said that last year too, which is a good sign that progress is being made) and much happier, lively.  The Dykes on Bikes group led the parade out of the park as usual:

Dykes on Bikes

And everyone had a great time in the sunshine…


My favourite look of the day?  Easy choice:

Fav look

We need a new phrase ….

August 1, 2009

Why do they call it “rush hour” when all the cars are standing still?