The Worst Person In The World

June 22, 2009

Keith_Olbermann-1Keith Olbermann of MSNBC, who certainly used to have some value as a commentator, has become the Bill O’Reilly of the liberal Democrats; an extremist, a clown, a caricature of his earlier self.  His ungainly performances are all the more stark coming as they do between the generally sensible Chris Matthews and the excellent Rachel Maddow, both of whom represent similar constituencies.

Olbermann has a segment on his show called “The Worst Person In The World.”  This is used to bash his regular targets at Murdoch and FoxNews companies.  Tonight’s “Worst Person In The World” was Cynthia Davis, a Missouri Republican, who had the temerity to espouse a libertarian/anarchist position on funding food for poor children.  She suggested that it is not government’s role to feed families with taxpayer dollars (isn’t that role of churches and charities and community?), that poor families could be given help in learning how to prepare economical nutritious meals, that parents should spend less on candies and ice cream and meals out.

One doesn’t have to agree with her position (though I do) to recognize it as a reasoned political opinion, an opinion allowed under the Freedom of Thought and Speech that the liberal left likes to hoist on a pedestal whenever they are attacked.  But Olbermann doesn’t see it that way.  He doesn’t agree with her, she used an unfortunate phrase (“hunger as motivator”), and so she has to become an object of ridicule.  His intolerance was rank and smelled to high heaven.

To me, this knee-jerk hypocrisy helps elevate Olbermann himself closer than Davis to the position of “Worst Person In The World.”