Global Travellers

The crash of an Air France jet into the Atlantic this morning is, of course, a terrible tragedy for all involved.  However, the passenger list provides an interesting view of travel today.

Back when explorers were like astronauts, heading out into the complete unknown in tiny ships, they gathered their crews from wherever they could get them.  They were often a polyglot collection of old salts from around the known world.  But each voyage was special, an event.

Today’s flight was just an everyday occurrence, something that happens on a regular schedule.  Nothing special.  And yet the collection of passengers’ nationalities included nearly every continent.  There were two Americans, an Argentinean, an Austrian, a Belgian, 58 Brazilians, five British, a Canadian, nine Chinese, a Croatian, a Dane, a Dutch, an Estonian, a Filipino, 61 French, a Gambian, 26 Germans, four Hungarians, three Irish, one Icelandic, nine Italians, five Lebanese, two Moroccans, three Norwegians, two Polish, one Romanian, one Russian, three Slovakian, two Spanish, one Swedish, six Swiss and one Turk.

The global village meme is ever more true.


2 Responses to Global Travellers

  1. eepy says:

    How long do you think the global village will last when we get $200 bbl oil? What will the Drive do without coffee? What will I do without coffee!

  2. jakking says:

    Eepy, assuming that we don’t all wake up onje morning with common sense, we will simply pay the tab. We said that highways would be deserted once oil got to $30 a barrel. We said we would never buy coffee at more than a dollar a cup. We are a dumb lot and will continue to pay what is demanded of us.

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