This Sporting Life #5

May 12, 2009

Sadly, the Vancouver Canucks were beaten in the Stanley Cup playoffs.  We played pretty well overall but we just couldn’t beat Chicago.  Oh well. That leaves more room for cycling, sumo and cricket!

The Giro d’Italia race just began this weekend.  This is Lance Armstrong’s first grand tour since his comeback.  I am no fan of his and I can think of a dozen riders I’d prefer to win.  A win by Mark Cavendish would be a turn up for the books — it has been a long long time since England had a serious GT challenger.

HarumafujiThe May basho also began in Tokyo this weekend.   After 3 days, only five rikishi are still unbeaten, and these include my favourites Haramafuji, Takamisakari and Kisenosato.   The highly publicized Japanese up-and-comer Goeido, and current sumo god Hakuho round out the top five.   The cracks that have appeared lately in the great Asashoryu’s game seem to have opened up again last night.  He was soundly defeated by Aminishki.  Early days, early days.  We’ll see how it shakes out come this time next week.

As for cricket, we England fans are still basking in the thrashing we gave West Indies in the first Test.  Coming off a limp series in the Caribbean and in advance of the classic Ashes series against Australia later this summer, the victory was greatly appreciated.   The second Test starts on Thursday and we will be looking to repeat.