Back At Last!

A story with a moral:  When your virus protection software gives you a warning it is about to expire, don’t hesitate!  I did and my hard drive is toast.

We were out of town at wonderful Harrison Hot Springs last week.  I had my laptop with me and got the expiry notice.  I asked it to remind me again in 24 hours, and then I forgot about it.  In the short time between events, it appears a virus crept in and ate up my innards.  I am hoping with every finger crossed that my wonderful computer guy can retrieve at least some of the data on the old drive.   Luckily, I maintain m0st things on a removable drive but I had recently started saving some of the art works on c: for reasons that seem grossly inadequate right now.  Thus, I haven’t been able to post for a few days.  Now, from my office machine, I can at least make my plight public.

What value do these jerks get from damaging my machine, and costing me both money and inconvenience?  Stupid ignorant jerks, is all they are.


3 Responses to Back At Last!

  1. Presumably the malware is trying to recruit your machine into a botnet to send spam, or attack other computers, and so on. It’s profit-driven these days, which is why viruses are so much more prevalent than they used to be.

    I will suggest getting a Mac next time. While it’s mostly a historical accident that Macs are generally untouched by this problem (they have vulnerabilities, but malware authors don’t find them worth exploiting for various reasons), simply not installing questionable applications is enough protection. No anti-virus programs or updates needed, at least for now.

    If you do stick with Windows and aren’t already running Vista or (soon) Windows 7, those also offer better inherent protection than XP and earlier versions, by their basic design.

  2. jakking says:

    Thanks, Derek. Good advice. However, I’m still not convinced by Mac (just another historical issue, I am sure) and I will not spend money on a temporary stopgap like Vista. So, I am stuck with XP that I will upgrade to W7 as soon as I can.

    Thank goodness for VCV Computers at Commercial and Venables. They have managed to pull just about everything off the dead drive for me. Ben is simply great and I am glad to be able to take this opportunity to spread the word about their excellent service.

  3. The Windows 7 Release Candidate (RC) is likely pretty solid if you want to download and install it. I’ve been running the beta since January without significant trouble, and the RC will run until July of 2010.

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