What Is It With This New Flu?

May 4, 2009

Maybe I am missing something, but I just don’t get the panic over “swine flu”.

According to the latest figures I read this afternoon, there have been about 1,000 cases globally and maybe 26 people have died.  That compares to about 40,000 people who die each and every year in North America alone from “ordinary” flu.  What is the problem here?

Why are we shutting schools, cancelling scheduled air departures, destroying Mexico’s tourist economy?   I heard of one school in British Columbia that closed its doors to 400 students because one student (who hadn’t even been at the school since returning from vacation) had the sniffles.  Some countries are killing all the pigs.  China is forcibly quarantining foreign visitors.

Come on people!   This is just ridiculous.  We do none of these things at the height of the late winter flu season and yet, as the figures show, the “ordinary” flu is  deadly to tens of thousands of citizens.


If I were a conspiracy theorist, I’d have to conclude that this is actually the Disney Flu — a comparatively benign disease built up into a panic by the entertainment-media industrial complex simply to increase attendance at American resorts and ruin tourism to Mexico.

I truly believe that our kids in North America and Western Europe are a lot less healthy than they were when I was a lad because we, as a society,  overly protect them from dirt and germs and anything even vaguely “unhealthy”  (see peanut allergies, for example).  It is hard to get immunity without some contact, for goodness sakes!  This swine flu business is just the latest in a series of such nonsense.

Back At Last!

May 4, 2009

A story with a moral:  When your virus protection software gives you a warning it is about to expire, don’t hesitate!  I did and my hard drive is toast.

We were out of town at wonderful Harrison Hot Springs last week.  I had my laptop with me and got the expiry notice.  I asked it to remind me again in 24 hours, and then I forgot about it.  In the short time between events, it appears a virus crept in and ate up my innards.  I am hoping with every finger crossed that my wonderful computer guy can retrieve at least some of the data on the old drive.   Luckily, I maintain m0st things on a removable drive but I had recently started saving some of the art works on c: for reasons that seem grossly inadequate right now.  Thus, I haven’t been able to post for a few days.  Now, from my office machine, I can at least make my plight public.

What value do these jerks get from damaging my machine, and costing me both money and inconvenience?  Stupid ignorant jerks, is all they are.