Bravo Vancouver Transit!

January 5, 2009

As regular visitors will be aware, I am a serious booster for our city’s transit system.  It is one of the finest systems that it has ever been my privilege to patronize.  Having given up my car in 1991, and thus been a daily transit user for almost twenty years, I believe I know whereof I speak. Now, my faith in the system and its workers has been more than vindicated.

A few days before Christmas I went shopping downtown and on the Drive.  By the end of the day, I had a raft of packages that I was manhandling.  I got them all home safe, only to discover that my shoulder pouch had gone missing.  The pouch was worth just a buck or two, but it held my expensive and well-loved camera, my new expensive sunglasses, and my asthma inhaler.

On the days we haven’t been completely snowed in, I have made efforts to visit every store I visited that day to ask if I left my bag there.  No luck.   However, this morning we phoned Transit Lost & Found and, lo and behold, the pouch was there – and with all its contents!  It had been turned in by the driver (operator #50164:  if you ever see him or her, give them a pat on the back).

Can’t beat that for good service and honest workers!  Thanks to them all!