Ama Disappears, Welcome ozeki Harumafuji

Following up to the update, Ama was indeed promoted to the rank of ozeki today.  At the same time, he changed his sumo name from Ama to Harumafuji.


Harumafuji said he would aim for the top rank of yokozuna (grand champion).  “Since I got this great name, I want to achieve results that would take the name higher,” the wrestler told reporters after his formal promotion.

Update:  And now he has won the Emperor’s Cup!

One Response to Ama Disappears, Welcome ozeki Harumafuji

  1. The Little Woman says:

    An earned honour! Ama didn’t get the meteoric rise to this position due to his bulk and power to intimidate. He fought hard and clean. Watching him Sumo is like watching someone pray with a vengeance. I’m such a fan!

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