Marketing and Distribution

Marketing and distribution are key elements of any successful retail strategy.  And the sale of art is no different.  Adam Neate is finding solutions to both by very publicly giving away hundreds of his works.


Art worth an estimated £1m is being given away by one of the world’s leading street artists, Adam Neate, in an exhibition that will see 1,000 pieces deposited across the capital and left for whoever wishes to take them.  In recent years Neate’s work has graced the fashionable Elms Lesters Painting Rooms in London, yet his roots lie in creating paintings and sculptures designed for urban locations. And this Friday’s Street Art Action marks a return to that way of working – only now his pieces fetch up to £43,000 each. The action will begin before dawn, when helpers will begin distributing the hand-painted pieces on the outskirts of the city, moving inwards towards the city centre as the day goes on … Each piece will be autographed, so anyone who stumbles upon an original artwork on Friday, or on subsequent days, will know whether or not the piece is an Adam Neate original.

It is certainly a nice thought, to give back, to remove art from the marketplace.  I guess I need to be a little less cynical about motives.

One Response to Marketing and Distribution

  1. this guy is a great artist! and i think his approach to street art is amazing as well.. he is doing it so that it is not in your face invasive and defacing property he i s also giving people an opportunity to own art which is a great and noble cost… adam neate is definitely a favorite of mine. There is aguy from spain named spy that also does very interesting street work you should check him out .

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