A Good Dinner

OK, OK, I’ll boast about dinner tonight.

The other day I found a broccoli recipe on Amateur Gourmet that seemed different.  I love broccoli AND it’s good for us, so I was up for it.   First, I prepared a version of Poulet Normande — chicken pieces dusted in cornstarch, sauteed in good oil until lightly coloured, added a chopped onion and cooked until done, then added chopped apples and a good amount of thyme, and finally cooked for another four minutes or so.   I deglazed the chicken pan with apple juice, reduced it thoroughly and poured it over the chicken/apple mix.  I served it with butter-drenched small boiled potatoes, and the wonderful baked broccoli and garlic tossed with lots of lemon juice and a good handful of Parmesan cheese.

Simple but tasty and balanced.  A keeper.

2 Responses to A Good Dinner

  1. Jan says:

    Try cauliflower the same way – surprisingly tasty. It doesn’t even need the lemon and parmeson at the end. Just roast with the oil and salt. Yum.

  2. Jessica says:

    Sounds interesting, my niece loves broccoli, will have to try this when she visits for Christmas :) Thanks.

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