A Petty Annoyance With Transit

October 16, 2008

I’m disappointed with the transit’s in-bus ad management.   I was on a 135 express this morning,  the ads facing me were for an AIDS walk on 9/21 and for the 7th annual wedding show on 9/13-14.  As we are now more than a month beyond the latter event, it is disturbing to see these old ads.

It cannot be too difficult to establish a list of date-sensitive ads currently in the system, to maintain the currency of that list, and to remove old ads in a timely fashion based on alerts generated by the list.

If no new paid ads are available to fill the slots, then PSAs, recruitment posters, maps of the route and/or system could be used — anything useful or interesting for the rider to spend some time with.

Finally, I want to congratulate the designer who came up with the concept of the 11 x 35 cardboard card for in-bus advertising.   Cheap and easy to produce and install/replace.  And yet with an area large enough to stretch the skills of the finest designers.