The $35 Movie Experience

Regular readers will know that the child bride and I go to see movies at the Van East Cinema.  $6 in the stalls or another 50 cents for a balcony seat. No frills.  First run shows.  Great sound.  That compares very favourably with $11 or $12 downtown.  And as for the South Barrington Gold Class Cinema in Illinois!

Complete with recliners and a seasonal dining menu … Gold Class Cinemas offers a much more upscale, intimate night out than your typical evening at the local theater.  “It truly is an experience,” said Marissa Denny, a Gold Class spokeswoman.  Each theater has a maximum of 40 seats. Individual reclining arm chairs are assigned to each ticket holder and full waiter service is available inside the theater with just the push of a call button. Gold Class assures other moviegoers won’t be disturbed during the movie … Valet parking is included in the $35 ticket, but the popcorn or cocktails are not free. Patrons will, however, have a professional server who will bring slippers and a blanket upon request. The theater’s menu includes a full wine list, Dom Perignon champagne at $295 a bottle, and food items like duck tacos, Wagyu beef burgers and bleu cheese potato chips.

Now that is the kind of place to which you should have delivered your $135 hamburger.

One Response to The $35 Movie Experience

  1. Elodie says:

    Ohmigod. That sounds just decadent enough to splurge for. What a fun date that would be!

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