Truly Creative

September 16, 2008

This is one of the most creative videos I have ever seen.  Painting with water.


The Body Language of Recycling

September 16, 2008

The house across the lane from us is being demolished.  It may well come down tomorrow as they have an expensive piece of heavy machinery sitting in the yard.   Yesterday, a crew came and pulled out the fixtures and fitting, appliances and the like.  Today, workers laboured to strip the interior, and pull the front from the house.  This evening came the “salvagers”.

An ineffective temporary fence has been thrown across the back yard, but it doesn’t stop anyone.  One of the neighbourhood’s local binners came by and confidently went through the junk in the yard, finding a bonus of a dozen bottles.  He was clearly pleased.

Later, a couple of women came by.  In the end, they carted off about a dozen or more slats from the old wooden fence, but they searched around for a long time.   They also briefly went into the open back door of the house and their body language was illustrative.   You may notice that when anyone is entering a place where they shouldn’t be, they tend to try to act overly casual.  A common thing is to see both hands behind the back, and the head thrust high.  And sure enough, both women put their hands behind their backs and extended their necks as they entered the door.  Classic stuff.

And as for salvaging, I found a perfectly good heavy ax in the lane this evening.

If I Could Afford …

September 16, 2008

a $30,000 razor, I could probably afford a guy coming in every morning just to shave me with it.  It is a beautiful thing …

… and it does come in an exquisite lacquered gift box of Tanzanian anigré wood.  But is it really worth 172 of the most expensive hamburgers in the world, 15 Jimmy Choo handbags, or even 3,400 cans of cheeseburger?  I guess it would last longer than any of those.