The Eye Of The Beholder

The child bride and I went to Marcello‘s for dinner last night.  The food was excellent and the ambience as bright as a summer evening.  But there was one problem. The wait staff — and most particularly the male waiters — were downright scruffy.

I realise that from this great height of age, there is a tendency to look down my nose at the goings-on of the presently young, but I am generally accommodating.   But last night the two male waiters appeared unshaven, with hair that didn’t look washed, and were, I’ll say it again, just scruffy and potentially unclean.   It is disturbing, especially in a place that had such high standards as Marcello’s.

I hope the boss sees what is happening and straightens it out soon.


One Response to The Eye Of The Beholder

  1. Paddy says:

    I like the new look Jak!

    A word to the boss might improve his/her awareness.

    Keep on trucking.

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