TV Dinners Redux

June 23, 2008

If we can survive the $175 hamburger, I guess we can swallow the $30 TV Dinner

courtesy of Loews Regency Hotel and the childhood nostalgia of its executive chef, Andrew Rubin.  “We are looking for comfort food items that we can turn upscale,” said Mr. Rubin. “These days comfort food is this hip, cool thing.”

So what does one get in a $30 TV dinner? The partitioned trays, instead of aluminum or plastic, are made of porcelain. The fried chicken is “free range.” The cheese in the mac ’n cheese is cheddar asiago with a Parmesan crust. And the pot roast is braised in Burgundian Pinot Noir.

Wash it down with a couple of $95 beers and just hope that the TV shows are worth the effort.

Seven Words We Can Now Say On Radio

June 23, 2008

George Carlin is dead.  Rest in Peace.