In Support of Goonj

In India, there is a wonderful organization called GOONJ that helps recycle old clothing and materials to make clothing, school bags and items such as sanitary napkins for poor villagers. The GOONJ organization has just been awarded the Indian NGO of the Year award, a year after winning a UN award for its female hygeine project.

Founded in 1998 and organized entirely by volunteers, GOONJ now supplies more than 20,000 kilos of materials to poor families each and every month.  Taking the idea of recycling would-be waste to a whole new level, the GOONJ project has become well established as a distribution network able to reach the poorest areas of India.  They deal with a number of recycling issues, but their primary target is clothing.

The Global Oneness project has an interesting video interview with the founder of GOONJ.  He makes the very valid point that huge natural disasters bring international clothing assistance, but that for those with no clothes, just a regular winter is a continuing disaster.

One Response to In Support of Goonj

  1. Maithili Desai says:

    Hey! Bumped into your blog while I was looking for images to go with my article on Goonj. I’m so glad that you are promoting it. I’ve had a chance to meet and interact with the man. There are few other men I respect as much.

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