No Car Day

June 15, 2008

Today was No Car Day on the Drive. In fact, several other neighbourhoods around Vancouver have taken up our idea and streets in Kits and elsewhere were also closed to traffic all afternoon. Here on the Drive, we enjoyed the first real summer-like day and it was packed!

This is the intersection of Commercial and Williams, looking north. If only the Drive could be car free every day!


Mayor Bloomberg has proposed closing 7 miles of New York streets for three Saturdays this August!  This is a great movement and can only grow and help us take back our cities.

“A Handbag, Mr Worthing?”

June 15, 2008

I am reliably informed that this is one of the must-have accessories this season for those in that class that cares.   And I must say the Jimmy Choo Malena shoulder bag is a handsome piece of work. But it costs $1,975.  For a handbag!  I know I’m old, but I can remember when you could get a very decent second hand car for that sort of money.