Rich Food Can Be Bad For Your Wallet

I guess if you can shell out $11 million for a car, you won’t mind paying $175 for a hamburger.

The burger can be enjoyed in New York at the Wall Street Burger Shoppe on Water Street between Broad Street and Coenties Slip … The burger is made with Kobe beef and topped with seared fresh foie gras, an assortment of exotic mushrooms, shaved black truffle, and golden truffle mayonnaise – another of [the chef’s] creations made from chopped black truffles, truffle oil, and gold flakes … Other expensive menu items found in or just outside of New York City include Nino Selimaj’s $1,000 pizza; the Westin’s $1,000 bagel; Serendipity 3’s $25,000 sundae; Old Homestead Steak House’s $81 burger; and Chappaqua’s $55 bottle of water.

I doubt in the end that this is any better than the $10 burgers at Fets (unless you really like truffles).

One Response to Rich Food Can Be Bad For Your Wallet

  1. Jeff Glen says:

    As an Ironman (health freak) this useless food. As a laymen, eat what ever you want but there is a cost for everything: gold nothing but slavery, but meat takes up land – moo!

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