The Turner Prize

The four artists short-listed for this year’s Turner Prize have been announced by the Tate Gallery in London. Once again, the prize judges have decided that installations and film are the “emerging trends” (even though they seem to have been the “emerging trends” in the nominations for several years now.)

According to the bookies, the clear favourite is Mark Leckey and his obsession with Felix the Cat. The others are Cathy Wilkes’ installations, Runa Islam’s short movies, and Goshka Macuga, described as a “cultural anthropologist”, who creates theatrical installations.

The Turner Prize is always controversial.

Dr Stephen Deuchar, director of Tate Britain and chairman of the Turner Prize judges, said the prize did not exist to shock. “You never know what people are going to be shocked by – or say what they are going to be shocked by – so we will have to wait and see what emerges at the exhibition. I should think 50% of the art world will say they hate the list, and 50% will say they love the list,” he told the BBC News website. “The general public look to the Turner Prize to introduce them to what is new. It is not about giving good service medals to artists who have been around for a long time; it is about spotting emerging trends that are especially interesting.”

I don’t know much about these artists nor their works, which I have barely explored this morning. However, the previous winners have rarely been works that I appreciated or liked.

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