Head Shots

April 27, 2008

A couple of great hairstyles on show at the 420 last week.



April 25, 2008

Researchers have long believed that oil paint was developed in Europe in the 13th century, becoming widespread by the 15th. However, paintings using a walnut or poppy-oil base have been discovered in Afghanistan and dated to the 7th century.

“This is the earliest clear example of oil paintings in the world, although drying oils were already used by ancient Romans and Egyptians, but only as medicines and cosmetics,” says team leader Yoko Taniguchi.

The paintings were in the caves behind the huge 6th-century Buddha statues blown up by the Taliban a few years ago. The scientists believe they were painted by artists traveling the Silk Road from China.

We Got The Good Buses

April 24, 2008

As of last Monday, the #20 bus route that runs down Commercial Drive is handled by the wonderful new articulated buses.

For years we have had to live with the old buses on The Drive, and boy did they get crowded! Bigger buses, increased schedules — this is a good time!

Update:  It has taken me a week to realize that the big new buses on the Drive are trolleys, running on electricity.  This makes then even better than my old favourites, the 98 and 99 B Lines, which are powered by gas or diesel!

Night Music: “Tutu”, Miles Davis and Marcus Miller

April 22, 2008


April 22, 2008

ecce homo
this Jew ex machina
who’s purloined Pauline
crashed the Whore
of Rome’s machinery

— a sudden stoppage
in the
constant(ine) gears
which had weathered
the (st)orms
of barbarism and buffoonery —

died on a tree
say it
(s)aint so
devoid of (e)motion
qui(e)t, silent even
as the public gawked
and prodded
b(lo)ody hands agape.

Agape! he cries,
through the tears
renting his b(lo)ody flesh
almost as ba(l)dly
as we have
rented his b(lo)ody
super(ficial) image
through the years

in the
par(ox)ysm of death
he begged
his go(o)d forgive
those who
(k)illed him
with their fears

In remembrance of the Pope’s visit to the USA, April 2008

Trees Near Hilo

April 21, 2008

Trees and Weeds

April 21, 2008

After the usual fabulous dim sum at Pink Pearl on Sunday morning, we headed downtown to the Art Gallery. When we were there in February to see the Truth Beauty: Pictorialism exhibition, we didn’t have the energy to look at the other galleries, and I had been intrigued by a series about trees. So today, we saw it.

The exhibition is called “The Tree: From The Sublime To The Social” and covers painting, photography, sculpture and video. There was quite a lot to like, but I saw my favourite piece first. It was Ed Piens’ “In awe of her power“, an intricate paper cutting, perhaps 20 feet by 10, showing a complex series of entwined tree branches with human figures within.

I was also impressed by some wide frame black and white photographs of fallen trees, full of stunning detail but with a bulk that respected the objects. I am embarrassed to say I don’t remember the artist’s name.

I guess I should have known that the exhibit would include examples of work (upside down trees, of course) by Rodney Graham, whom I have disparaged before. I had rather hoped not to see his stuff again, but there we are.

Outside, on the front steps of the gallery — Vancouver’s main commons — was a 420 to celebrate Cannabis Day. Several thousand people were there, relaxing in the sunshine, smoking dope, selling dope, hawking the marijuana lifestyle. It was reasonably well-organized with stalls for vendors and a complete lack of uniformed police. There were folks of all shapes and sizes and ages and colours and creeds, simply enjoying. We didn’t stay long because crowds aren’t our thing.

We came home and I cooked chicken kofta. An interesting day.