Global Warming and Bad Marketing

About three weeks ago I wrote a piece about how unusual it was to have snow in Vancouver at the end of March. Guess what? Three weeks into April and we have snow on the roofs again! It came down last night and survived the very cold night. I doubt it will last the day, but still! Just a week or so ago we were practising for summer in our shorts. Today, I have to iron a heavy winter shirt before I can go out to breakfast.

It is days like this that make a mockery of “global warming”. Most people will remember this snow more than they will recall the breaking up of the ice shelves reported last week. There was probably no marketing mastermind behind the unfortunate adoption of “global warming” as shorthand for the entire phenomenon of climate change, but marketing simply “climate change” would have been a better idea.

So, to cut a long debate short, we can blame Al Gore for the snow today.

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