Clematis As Taskmaster

ClematisWe have a clematis that we adore. It comes to life every spring growing like a weed, thrives every summer with gorgeous pastel purple and pink flowers, gets cut back to nothing in the winter, and then comes to life again each spring.

A week or so ago we noticed that the plant, cut back almost literally to nothing, was sprouting. Taking no chances, I put a tomato cage into place. And not a moment too soon! A week or ten days later — by today — the plant has grown at least 10 inches, and half a dozen branches rest restlessly against the middle ring of the cage.

The growth spurt seems to have come early this year. Pretty soon we will have to decide which wall and window we will let it climb; and once that starts, we will have to strip the winter covering from the windows. But it is only the end of February — we will get some strong winds in the next month and I’d like to keep the coverings up until then. But the precocious clematis might well force our hands.

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