Red Moon

It was cold in our slippers, but we trekked outside to watch the last total lunar eclipse until 2010. Most of the late afternoon’s clouds had drifted away and there it was — a dark red moon with just a sliver of light on the upper right quadrant. We stood there in the road, shivering but a little excited, until the moon completely disappeared. Then a cloud moved over and we came home. A good memory to have.


A friend of ours in Ontario sent us this splendid photograph.

Photo credit: Kathryn Tisdale


One Response to Red Moon

  1. sensualist says:

    This is beautiful! Had it not been an automatic tag on my own blog I would have never seen it. Gorgeous. (If you follow the link it goes to a different site. My photo site is creativedoodling.wordpress if you would like to change the link.)

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