Other People’s Houses

We like to have breakfast together, even though I leave for work quite early and she doesn’t need to. It has become one of our routines. And like most routines, it has a set of components. We eat on my desk in front of my computer screen, we remind each other to take our pills, and we look at other people’s houses.

Mostly these are very rich people’s houses, and mainly from the Real Estate pages of the online New York Times. Halstead Properties Luxury Portfolio is always a fine place to start, with their range of $20million townhouses, $14.5million apartments and $12,000 a month empty spaces.

What’s really fun are the “What Can You Get For…” galleries. This allows you to see three — usually — properties in different areas of the country that are on the market for roughly the same price — say, $900,000 or $12,500,000.



2 Responses to Other People’s Houses

  1. I know very few people who are satisfied with the house they live in. This may be affected by the fact that I work as a Vancouver real estate agent and majority of people I meet everyday want to move from their old home to a new “perfect” house. If you don’t mind I would like to give you a piece of advice. There are many cheaper houses than those which are advertised in New York Times. I am sure that one of many Vancouver houses can become your dream house and you won’t need to spend whole fortune on it.

  2. The Little Woman says:

    If I may…we’re not looking to buy a property in New York or any other place. We’re happy where we are. We also look at properties in Tuscany, Morocco, London; none in Vancouver nor the GVRD. We’re playing. Pure and simple. We look at views, furnishings, colour schemes, surroundings. There’s a whole day ahead for business and serious stuff. We prefer to start the day with play and the only cost to us is cable service and the price of breakfast.

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