Night Music: I Try

February 27, 2008

The incomparable Ms. Macy Gray.

My own incomparable lady introduced me to Macy Gray during our first trip together in San Francisco.


When (Muso Kokushi)

February 27, 2008

When it’s cold, water freezes into ice; when it’s warm,
ice melts into water.
Similarly, when you’re confused, essence
freezes into mind; when you are
enlightened, mind melts into essence.

Two Windows

February 25, 2008

Two Windows

Dead Heroes

February 25, 2008

Frank Zappa, Jerry Garcia, Brian Jones
And all those Grateful Rolling Mothers
Taught me that play is serious business

That play lives in the moment
That play is life

That an extended bluesy riff
If infinitely more important than a timeclock

That a jiving rolling rock tune
Weighs so much more than a brand new car each year
So much more than a mortgage
And a closet of three-piece suits

That Janis Joplin was more beautiful than Ally MacBeal

That Jim Morrison and Jimi Hendrix
died for our sins
that their deaths preceeded ours by just a blink
in geological time

that if music be the food of love
I am obese with passion

That a great rythym guitar is better
Than bad sex
And that great sex is even better with rock and roll pounding in your head.

Play on, dead heroes
Play on and on and on ….


Night Music: Misty Roses

February 25, 2008

Not much of a video, but a lovely song by Tim Hardin.

Another dead hero.

Pink Pearl

February 24, 2008

I have to give a plug here to the always wonderful Pink Pearl on Hastings at Glen. It never fails to produce something new for dim sum while maintaining the quality of our favourite standbys. The Pearl seats 700 and is full for dim sum every weekend, with lineups if you get there after about 11.

We enjoyed time there this morning with three friends and each of them ordered something we might not ordinarily eat, as we did for them in return. The result was a great eating experience — one of many we have enjoyed at the Pearl. The new things for me today were a curried squid, a vegetarian dumpling, and a deeply baked tapioca pudding. These plus the ha gao, fried squid, su mai, hot and sour soup, vegetarian bean curd, and a few other items I don’t recall just filled us right up.

A great start to a Sunday.

Mosaic Of Leaves

February 24, 2008


So that we do not forget the beauties of Fall as we take mind of the glories of the spring about to envelop us.

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